Our Pricing

Affordable Luxury

Detroit Party Bus strives to offer our customers the most competitive pricing possible. We're able to do this because of our many years of combined business experience, as well as our dedication to daily maintenance of our buses. We know that if you have an amazing time that you can also afford, that you'll be more likely to come back in the future for your upcoming events, and to recommend us to your friends too! We've been able to continue to offer these prices mostly due to the effect of good word of mouth from prior customers, and we really look forward to counting you amongst our most loyal fans who enjoy Detroit Party Bus service the most.

Every single date has its own unique price per hour, and our minimum service time is six hours. We accept nearly any form of payment, including cash, major credit cards, and even PayPal. There are absolutely no hidden fees when you book your party bus, and prices are handled on a case by case basis so that you always get the best price possible for your trip. We offer complete transparency with your pricing, so you will always know what to expect with costs. No hidden or surprise fees with us!

Note that the prices may be higher from late April thru mid June, on Saturdays in October, and on peak days and holidays. Always call to give us a little information on your trip, such as the who, the where, the when, and the how long, and we will be sure to get you the very best price possible.

If you've got a certain budget in mind, Detroit Party Bus will be more than happy to work with you to try and come up with the perfect price. We put a lot of information into our price calculations, which means that you'll get a truly fair price based on daily fluctuations in gas prices, traffic, and other factors.

Ready to book?

When you're ready to get a quote or book your reservation all you have to do is contact us! Whether you prefer phone or email, our agents are standing by and ready to help!