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Flint Bars and Restaurants

  • Cafe Rhema

    432 S Saginaw St Flint, MI 48502 | (810) 342-0511

    Cafe Rhema is the prime spot for coffee and tea, sandwiches, and delicious bubble tea in Flint. If you've never had bubble tea before, your tastebuds are about to go on an adventure. There are always Groupons available for this establishment, too, so be sure to check it out before you come in. This is right by the farmers market and the conference center downtown, so it's a convenient spot to get a cup of joe.

  • Flint Crepe Company

    555 S Saginaw St Flint, MI 48503 | (810) 336-3308

    Flint Crepe Company offers artisan style crepes with locally sourced ingredients for you to enjoy. We love that there are both savory and sweet really opens things up! The Reuben crepe even comes with homemade sauerkraut, and it's definitely the top crepe that's ordered here. The staff is always friendly and willing to help those who are first timers. Be sure to try out the Chai tea when you visit.

  • The Good Beans Cafe

    328 N Grand Traverse St Flint, MI 48503 | (810) 237-4663

    The Good Beans is a coffee and teahouse in Flint, and it's one of the only spots in the area that is designated as LGBT friendly. There are live shows that happen here, which provides a stable sense of community that the locals absolutely love. You will love it, too! Be sure to try out their specialty coffee drinks, as there's no way to go wrong here. The vintage cocktail shakers that line the walls give it a kitschy feel.

  • Italia Gardens

    G3273 Miller Rd Flint, MI 48507 | (810) 720-4112

    Italia Gardens is the prime spot for Italian fare in Flint, and they've been doing it for a while now! With such a long legacy behind them, you can feel confident that this is a good spot to enjoy food. The atmosphere here is very comfortable, and it's even suitable for family get togethers. They have a great Italian Salad for those who are watching their waist line. The service is as good as the food!

  • Badawest Restaurant

    4018 Corunna Rd Flint, MI 48532 | (810) 232-2479

    Badawest Restaurant is the spot to get Middle Eastern and Mediterranean food in Flint. The shawarma here is our absolute favorite! With deboned chicken that goes above and beyond the level of tenderness you would expect, as well as vegetarian options, you're sure to enjoy your meal here. The veggie platter is a great way to get your health in for the day. Be sure to try the Beef Shish Kabobs if you're a meat eater!

  • Freakin’ Unbelievable Burgers

    5100 Corunna Rd Flint, MI 48532 | (810) 422-5428

    Freakin' Unbelievable Burgers is serving up exactly what the namesake implies. The presentation and quality of these burgers is something that must be experienced. The interior of this establishment is contemporary, and the service is always pleasant. The french fries here are cooked to perfection, and the garlic mayo goes perfectly with the Fire Burger. There is something for everybody at this burger joint in Flint.